Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free."

- Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three to four times a week (Monday, every other Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

Live at The Bell Inn, March 2024


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Start times: Sunday 1pm | Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm


Sun 3rd Mar
The Barton Street Regulators

Bagpipes have regulators: but no piper here. Steam engines have regulators: that's a bit more like it, when this mob get the wheels rolling it's pretty much unstoppable folk dance of the old school until the tune decides to end - and that's the regulation.

Mon 4th Mar
Jingu Bang

Actually a mystic power weapon in ancient China, so let's hope they keep to their disguise as Headhunter-fixated fonky jazzists: similarly powerful but not so dangerous.

Wed 6th Mar

Double Herbie connection this week and we ain't talking Beetles. Not jazz-funk - much harder groove - but there is the subtlety and ability that comes with the J-Word. One of the longest-established bands in the Bell diary 'cos we know a good thing when we see one.

Sat 9th Mar
International Women’s Day

Mumma Quiche and LC Hammered will be be taking over the Saturday Shuffle from 3pm til 6pm.

Sun 10th Mar
Joli Blon

Ladies playing Cajun, a double joy, and these dames are from ace bands like Rosinators, Flakey Jake, & Horses' Brawl, so the signs are serious. Laissez les bons temps rouler, mamzelle.

Mon 11th Mar
Escher Steps

Eddie Parker is one of the most influential figures of the '80s British jazz boom, and hasn't stopped exploring - this, however, is more like the densely plotted prog of the decade before, technically ambitious and musically delivering.

Tue 12th Mar
The Spoonful

Welcome return for acoustic blues kingpins Zac & Simon, plus bass, fixtures on the Bath scene for decades who unaccountably fell off our calendar. Come get your medicine.

Wed 13th Mar
Los Gusanos

Latin flavoured guitar groove. On the dancefloor it makes perfect sense and this small band kicks like a big one.

Sun 17th Mar
The Schmoozenbergs

Virtuoso gipsy & eastern [sure beats C&W], swing's the thing, celebrating release of 3rd album, 'Mouse'. Gina on violin steers two highspeed guitarists, Sam & Tom, anchored by Ron on the bull fiddle.

Mon 18th Mar
Jonah Hitchens

Proof positive that it is worth listening to demos from the postbag, Jonah has a hot band, a funky '70s feel, and some great material that only needs pressing up on 12" vinyl.

Wed 20th Mar
Tuto Tribe .

Brit-based but built around and about Brazilian extrovert the eponymous Tuto, blending contemporary Brazilian sound with the samba-rock of the '70s to something we've not quite heard in a while.

Sun 24th Mar
The F.O.S. Brothers

There are getting on for 8 billion things that FOS could stand for, I worked it out; and you're never going to guess, because it isn't even true... Folkish Oirish Sweet-talkers, indeed, but their idea of Folk goes as far as Frank Zappa... .

Mon 25th Mar
Kevin Figes' Wallpaper Music

Second album time for this project, allowing Mr Kevin to explore the Canterbury & '70s Art Rock influence in his music, and how to work with vocals as well as jazz chops, with a glance at the ever-trendy world of Library & soundtrack music too.

Tue 26th Mar
Sue Harding

Always a singer, and a distinctive one at that, but Sue has only really taken to writing much in the last decade, which means she's coming from quite a different place to most of the circuit. Finding old things anew.

Wed 27th Mar
Bethlehem Casuals

New slimline version of our favourite post-mad Madchester combo, tho' they promise they've lost neither the groove nor the gremlins that made what they do so excitingly off-centre.

Sun 31st Mar
Carmina 3

No Latin, we promise, but certainly beautiful music for Easter Sunday. A feel for a Celtic melody and a jazzish twist. Bring your own chocolate if you insist but this will be all the sweetness you need.

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