Live Music at The Bell

"The Bell has always been a key part of Bath's live music scene, often giving musicians their first break and always providing music that is vibrant, diverse and free."

- Peter Gabriel

The Bell has free live music three to four times a week (Monday, every other Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm and Sunday lunchtimes from 1pm) ranging from jazz to blues to folk to roots to some things we are not sure what to call.

Live at The Bell Inn, July 2024


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Start times: Sunday 1pm | Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm


Mon 1st July
John Paul Gard 3-Play

Eschewing the Hammond Trio format - too many chasing that particular nag right now - JP displays other channels to his colour organ, exploring the Smooth Jazz of Bob James, George Duke and so on. New Horizons.

Tue 2th July
Scott Mickleson

As close as we could get him to July 4th, Bay Area original Mickleson has a post-punk angle on American folk, and as a city boy there are no redneck attitudes to disown.

Wed 3rd July
Gusto Gusto

Fresh from Melbourne via Glastonbury [so let's hope they've freshened up again a little] GG have a different angle on the European and American influences that fuel much of the music we usually present here. And being Aussies they're not afraid to have a good time...

Sat 6th July
The Desafinados

Special early live session to follow this year's Bell CoOperative AGM. Violinist/vocalist Azhaar Saffar is best known nowadays for Global Wave, her jazzy world groove ensemble, but this one is more like Sirius B., the combo that made her name back in the 2000s, with a very Brazillian feel.

Sun 7th July
Leonie Evans

Fellow musicians first recommended Leonie to us, and in the decades since she has only increased her repute as a sympathetic collaborator & leader. We asked for a trio and it/they will be top drawer. Her own heartfelt take on American roots musics.

Mon 8th July
Jim Gallagher & Friends

Gina Griffin & Andy Christie aid and abet much-respected Bath songwriter Jim. Normally to be found playing standards to diners, this is the show where we get to see where their heart really is...

Wed 10th July
Cheritang - Cancelled

Strong new neo-Soul project with rhythmic agilty and certifiable dynamo Dolly at the front. Heading to a sweet spot very fast.

Sat 13th July
Salt Beef Reuben & Friends

Catch-all title for a cluster of hot players in a jamming jazz-into-soul-into-groove mode, focused on Tom [keys] & Tim [guitar], some standards, guest players including Ivan Moreno, and a zest to hit all the right notes all night long.

Sun 14th July
Jon Amor Trio

On a coincidental blues month so we did need to get one of the local giants in. Jon here showed he was at the leading edge of British Blues with The Hoax 30 years ago, and we'll be darned, he still is. Never comfortably settling into complacency, always pushing off in another direction, always worth watching.

Mon 15th July
B D Lenz

Scoring highly in the jazz guitar stakes, playing the Lincoln Centre, no less, New Jersey boy BD also scores highly with us for his obvious love of rocking out and grooving hard too. A fully rounded guitar experience.

Tue 16th July
Ben de la Cour

Over for the Maverick festival so you know it's a good one, Ben here was born in London but brought up in Brooklyn, and if anything's going to tune you in to the underside of Americana, that should do it...

Wed 17th July
Fromage en Feu

Been a bit elusive so really glad to finally be welcoming them back: European as the name implies - though not only French - virtuosic, entertaining, tasteful, just that bit naughty, and not available in your local supermarket.

Sun 21st July
Kirris Riviere & Delta du Bruit

Kirris & Co. have the timing, and the groove [with Ev Newman at the keys] that stands out in the soul/blues arena because so many others are concerned just with the flash. Sure has class and is feeling classic.

Mon 22nd July
Hot Club of Kumari Kandam.

Unfortunately tonight's scheduled act Kevin Dempsey has had to cancel. We asked multi-influenced multi-instrumentalist Ross Hughes to come up with something in a hurry to fill a cancellation: it’s so good we might wish for cancellations more often! Ross is joined by Martin Kolarides on guitar (google him, he is one top player) plus Jay & Jeevan from RSVP. All this for a one-off on a Monday at The Bell. Where else?

Wed 24th July
James Morton's Groove Den

James is a stylist who can take the room with him - we witness that just about every time in here - but above all he's always been on the button on the rhythm, which is why he's been a front-line player with masters of groove like PeeWee Ellis, George Clinton, The Herbaliser, and the NPG Horns.

Sun 28th July
Old Baby Mackerel

Top Dog-Fish in the bubbling sea of bluegrass energy in this part of the country, netted at short notice between festival gigs. A great catch!.

Mon 29th July
The Other Way

Kind of Jazz but kind of song-based too, TOW is undeniably a unique thing, shaped by some very strong personalities. Enough groove to keep you moving, enough originality to keep you thinking, enough inspiration to take you away.

Tue 30th July
Chris Murphy & Barney Kenny

Multi-influence Folk, Chris & Barney are Traditional musicians who belie what many think about traditions - that they're stuck the way they are. No, the Traditional Musician knows their craft and their style so well they can take it to any place...

Wed 31st July

Unstoppable over-sideways groove from Down Under and Deep Inside on their annual visit. Trance, ethnic, electronic, spiritual, dancefloor, you name it it's in there somewhere, freely provided in the spirit of the greater dance.





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